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Cleaning Bathrooms with the Professionals in West Islip, NY

Cleaning Bathrooms with the Professionals in West Islip,NY

Whether cozy, luxurious or sleek, hotel washrooms are the perfect retreat. Now you can completely enhance your bathroom into just such an escape. At Inn-spired Bathrooms, you'll tour six hotel-inspired washrooms, accumulate simple ideas for getting the design you want and get to know the cleaning secrets of resort housekeepers. How do hotels keep those bathrooms so clean? One quick answer is that hotels clean bathrooms every day, even if the same guest is occupying the room night after night. While you may not want to maintain your entire bathroom every day, doing small things? such as wiping down the vanities, faucet and drain, and spot-cleaning the mirror ? can give your bathroom a regular perk-up. The rest is all in the weekly routine. To get the dirt on the routine, we asked two experts: Jenny Botero, resident supervisor of the 697-room Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va., and Erika Jacso, director for design for the W New York Union Square, in New York City, which boasts 270 rooms. They gave us great simple steps for keeping your bath On the rare occasion that the W Union Square gets a complaint, "it usually has to do with finding hairs on the tile or floor in the washroom," Erika says. Her team's goal is to make sure that certainly never happens. They work from highest to bottom, dusting light fixtures and ledges with micro-fiber cloths before vacuuming floors Warming porcelain tile and the tub just a few degrees above the typical indoor air temperature "multiplies the effectiveness" of alkaline cleansers, Jenny says. Her staff saturates the bottom of the tub with a couple of inches of the "hottest water they can draw from the tap" and lets it wait for a few minutes. Erika's staff also throws steaming water over the tiles, shower and bathtub. Drain the tub, then apply an antibacterial cleaner on tile walls, tub, kitchen counter, toilet, floor and sink. Work from top to bottom, starting at the top of shower walls, and spraying down to the bathtub and inside the toilet bowl. Use a sponge or towel to spread the cleanser around evenly on tile surfaces. Disinfectants need contact time in order to work. Erika's team lets the cleanser sit for five to seven minutes inside the toilet bowl and on surface areas. Use a scour brush or nonscratch rough pad to cleanse every square inch of the bathtub and porcelain tiles. Both house cleaning experts swear by Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, especially for hard-to-remove dirty rings within the tub. This is the most important step, in Jenny's honest opinion. The chemicals in cleaners are developed to attract soil and particles, she points out. If you don't rinse after spraying your cleanser, dirt is going to cling to it and build up and "be even more problematic.". Use spotless, dry cotton cloths or rags to thoroughly dry out all surface areas. Jenny recommends using color-coded cloths for cleaning? blue for glass and mirrored areas, yellow for the toilet, and pink for bath tub and sinks. That way, you never make the mistake of wiping off the sink with a cloth that was used to dry the toilet. Spray the mirror and other glass with a glass cleaner and wipe dry. Exit out of the bathroom by rinsing, drying the floor and wiping.

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