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Cleaning Computers and Televisions in West Islip, NY

Cleaning Computers and Televisions in West Islip, NY

Have you ever had problems cleaning all of the dust off of your computers and television screens? We all seems like no matter what you do, the dust always returns. So we at DanDee Cleaning Services want to help you with that problem!

When cleaning the television there are two possible things you'll need. First, a vinegar/water solution, sprayed onto a cloth will work for the back of the television. The solution to be a 1:1 ratio. One part vinegar for every part water. Second, the monitor will need a damp cloth or disposable monitor wipes.

The first thing I do before I clean a television is quickly wipe down the whole surface. Next I spray the vinegar/water solution on the cloth and wipe every surface other than the screen. For the screen, I start with the wipes (or a damp cotton cloth) at the corners of the screen. Then I wipe horizontal- from right to left, and then vertical-up then down.

Finally, we clean the computer monitor. I use the same cotton cloth to wipe the keys and the other surfaces on the monitor/laptop. And then just like the TV, I use the screen cleaning cloths as well.

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