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Cleaning Up the Kitchen in West Islip, NY

Cleaning Up the Kitchen in West Islip, NY

In this article, I've compiled a bunch of the biggest kitchen help tips! This comes just in time for Thanksgiving. And if these work for the biggest meal of the year, they'll definitely be useful all year long! The key is not making a big mess that you will have to clean up later.

1) Platic wrap or newspaper the counter tops that you will be using to prepare food.

2) Use cooking oil spray to line the inside rim of any pots and pans that you use to avoid boil overs. Also spray any dishes that you'll use anything sticky on (ie molasses, corn syrup, and works especially well on cheese graters).

3) Line the bottom of your oven with foil or place a cookie sheet on the bottom rack. And if you have a stove top exhaust fan, make sure it's on so that it sucks up grease.

4) If a hand mixer is needed, use a paper plate with two holes for the beater's to stop any spray back from the ingredients that you're mixing!

5) Anytime you clear the table, make sure that the dishes you clear soak in some hot, hot water so that the food never has an opportunity to harden onto the dishes. 

Cleaning up after a big meal is always the most stressful part! So be proactive about it.

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