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Cleaning your Shower Curtain in West Islip, NY

Cleaning your Shower Curtain in West Islip, NY

Today, we're talking dirt, because that's our specialty- keeping your home as dirty free as possible. We're specifically talking about the ring of dirt or mildew that collects on the bottom of your shower curtain. Usually it's a mold or mildew...a pinkish orange color, or a greyish brown. So gross, I know!!

You're going to want to start with unhooking your shower liner from the bar above your shower. Take it, your shower mat, and a couple of towels and throw it into your washer machine! I use a cup of regular laundry detergent, some baking soda, and some tea tree oil. Always make sure you wash these things on a gentle cycle so that they don't get beat up too much. Then, you can take the shower liner and hang it back up on the shower to hang dry it!

Next, you're going to want to throw the towels and the mat into the dryer. The real reason you want to wash the towels and the bath mat with the shower liner, is so that they can rough up and kind of "scrub" the shower liner to get is even cleaner during the washing process. The baking soda helps to eat away at the mold and mildew that has developed over time and to deodorize the plastic. 

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