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Fall House Cleaning Tips

Soon the leaves will be changing colors and will begin to fly, reminding us of the holidays and long winter ahead.

Our Fall Cleaning Chore Checklist will help you get ready and warm for the seasons to come.

  • Dust your ceiling fans, ceilings, walls and baseboards. It’s a good time to clean up summers dust. The fans have been spinning all summer in attempts to keep you cool. Dust quickly builds up on your fan blades, spreading across your ceilings and walls.

  • Wash your windows and screens. One of the biggest tasks for maintaining a clean home is washing your windows.  Rinse and label your screens location before storing them for the winter. Windex and paper towels work greatly for cleaning glass before you install your storm windows.

  • Cleaning your refrigerator and oven are dirty jobs, but the more you put off doing them, the worse it will be. A clean refrigerator is not only necessary sanitarily but also a critical overlook for aesthetics. Don’t forget to prepare your oven for holiday cooking and baking.

  • Clean the whole house. As mentioned the holidays are coming. Make sure your house is shining for your guests. Weekly cleaning is a staple for preventing hidden dust.

  • Bring out winter linens. If you like a cozy bed, swap your lightweight bedspread for a heavier one.

  • Prepare for your guests. Be sure the rooms are clean and inviting. A pretty flower in a vase, fresh towels, and clean linens are some of the essentials.


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