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How to clean up during the holidays in West Islip, NY

How to clean up during the holidays in West Islip, NY

It's always hard after the holidays are done, trying to get your home back to it's normal shape. That's why DanDee Cleaning Services recommend maintenance cleaning throughout the holidays. 

Now we have a few different tips and tricks to help you maintain a clean home throughout the holidays. 

1) Taking Care of the Gifts!

Make sure that you keep your kids' new toys and treats are all picked up throughout the holidays. Anything that you don't want to regift, make sure that you keep the receipt so that you are ready to return everything after the holidays. Don't let these things clutter up your home!

2) Cleaning up Guest Rooms

After someone stays with you, you always want to make sure that you put your guest bedrooms back in shape. Wash all sheets and blankets and put on new, clean bedding to ensure that your next guest has a clean place to sleep too. You always want to disinfect everything to make room.

3) Procrastinating

The biggest tip I can give you. Never procrastinate. Be sure that you stay on top of maintenance cleaning and it will save you the headache of one huge clean up at the end of an already busy, stressful holiday 

For any questions regarding how to clean up during the holidays in West Islip, NY or to schedule a free, no obligation estimate give us a call at 631-219-9962. And last but not least, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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