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Maid Cleaning Services in West Islip, NY

Maid Cleaning Services in West Islip, NY

(Pt. 2) In this three part series, we are over-loading you with tips and tricks to keeping your bedroom in tip top shape! In the last article, earlier this morning, we talked about keeping your clothes put away and off of the floor. Now that we've tackled that nasty subject, let's move on!

Next is your bed. You should make your bed...every. day. It will ultimately make your bedroom look a thousand times better. You will even feel better at night when you want to come home to sleep in your bed! It takes about five minutes...and you can endure almost anything for just five minutes!

My next tip is to make sure that you're tidying your room up once a day. I'm talking a matter of minutes. Take your phone, and play your favorite song right now!! While the song is on, clean up your room. Once the song is over, you're done. You. Are. DONE! And I will add with any routine, after thirty days of doing it, it becomes a fully formed habit!

If you share your room with a spouse, significant other or even a roommate, make sure that everyone is pitching in to make your room the best it can possibly be!

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(To be continued...)


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