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Maid Services in West Islip, NY

Maid Services in West Islip, NY

(Pt. 1)In this three part article series, we are going to be talking about cleaning and organizing your bedroom. You spend a lot of time stressed out, working hard, and when you come home to sleep you want your room to be your little private oasis away from all of the normal things that you run into during the day...including clutter, dirt, and messiness.

So we're going to start with the biggest culprit in dirty rooms...the laundry. Let's keep this one simple. Put your clothes away! I know that there is no feeling better than coming home, leaving your dirty clothes right at the bedroom door, climbing into bed, and passing out after a long, hard day. Trust me, after a few days of doing this, you've made quite the mess. A hamper or laundry basket is the greatest solution to this problem. It is not hard to just toss your clothes in a basket...and it makes the room look so much better!

If the clothes that you are wearing are not dirty, that's great. All you have to do is grab a hanger and hang them up! You can even leave a hanger on your bed in the morning when you get dressed to promote this good behavior. All in all, it takes about ten seconds to do this and trust pays off. Your room will be looking spotless in no time!

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(To be continued...)

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