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New ways to clean and organize in West Islip, NY

New ways to clean and organize in West Islip, NY

Good Morning West Islip!

  Today we are going to bring you PART 2 to our new ways to clean and organize. we found some more great products that have come out this last year and we are very excited to share these products with you guys if you hav not heard about them yet.

   The first thing we have found that we are excited to show you is a new product by Pet Safe. It is a new automated pet feeder. you set the time you would like your pet to be fed and it will dish out small, or larger portions (which ever you set it to). If you have a fast eating animal you can set the dispenser to slowly pour the food so they don't eat it too fast. This product now can be used with either dry food, or even semi wet food depending on what your dog or cat likes. now you don't have to worry about feeding you pets while your away, because this will do it for you.

   Next we have 'The Easy Reach Front loader". This is used for your dirty laundry. This is a very cool product, first of all it is on a very light, and easy to move frame. This product has 3 cloth baskets attached for your dark, light, and towels. If you have to walk all the way does stairs you don't have to worry about dragging this cart up and down stairs, the baskets come right off and have sturdy handle to make for simple laundry loads.

  Last, we have a new type of toilet bowl cleaner called "The Pumie" which is a professional grade toilet bowl ring remover made of pummis stone. This product is very simple to use. You just have to grab it by the handle and use it the way you would use the eraser on a pencil, and erase that nasty toilet ring right away. It is also safe for the environment so any of the stone left in your toilet can be just flushed away and you can sleep safe at night that you weren't helping destroy the earth.

  We hope these new products helped you stay clean and organized. for more New ways to clean and organize in West Islip, NY give us a call at 631-219-9962.

Or if cleaning is not something you would like to do call us, a professional cleaning company for you FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimate today!

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