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New ways to clean and organize in West Islip, NY

New ways to clean and organize in West Islip, NY

 hey there West Islip!

   We have found some pretty cool new ways to clean and organize in the last year, and we thought we might share some o these ideas with you, and hope they will help you as much as they have helped us this last year.

  The first thing we have found is a product from Elmers. They don't make just glue anymore, now they have come out with a reusable hook called "freestyle" that can hold up to 10 LBS on your wall, or anywhere else you choose to hang it. Best of all they come off without leaving any residue on the surface you stick it.  They can be used for your kids coats, seasonal decorations, jewelry, or anything else that you can think of!

  Next, we have something that can help you eliminate you cost for having to purchase more chemicals to get that clog out of your sink. its called "The Drain Weasel". It looks like your standard drain snake but much more compact, and it has an else that looks similar to a mascara tip to snag all of those hairs left in your drain.

 Finally we have  a new wave of Bot Vacuum that is called the "Neat-O Vac". This is a new wave of smart robot vacuums to come out. Most of them are round, but this one has a square face so it can get into corners a lot better! This is a very powerful vacuum so it has great suction on hard wood, tile, even carpet! Because it is a smart vacuum it can tell when the battery is low and when it should go back to its charging station to self charge. pretty cool if you ask me!

 If you thought these new products were pretty cool, keep a look out tomorrow for some new products we are going to send your way.

If your curious about other New ways to clean and organize in West Islip, NY give us a call at 631-218-9962, or if you would rather hire a professional to get a great clean give us a call for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION estimate today!

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