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Professional DanDee House Cleaning Tips

During the summer months and especially during the holidays life can be so busy and cleaning the house is a chore we wish we could skip.  It can be overwhelming just keeping up on the laundry. If you’re like you don’t want people to see thick layers of dust accumulating on your fans or your bathroom with dirty sinks, showers and toilets.

 Here are some DanDee tips that might make cleaning easier for you.

Hire a DanDee Cleaning Service

With all of life’s responsibilities, more time is one of the biggest wishes people have. It may be nice to have a DanDee cleaner come in and do their magic. Even if you cannot commit to a regular cleaning schedule, hiring help before and after the holiday party can be a huge sense of relief.

Schedule the time

Figure out the best time for you.  If the kids have practice Saturday morning and you have three hours before pick up, plan to set that time aside to do it. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you have set start and finish time.

Keep all Cleaning Supplies Together

Have things like cleaning cloths, cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, mop, dusters and scrubbers ready before you start. This really does help save time when you don’t have to go back and forth fetching supplies.

Clean One Room at a Time

Complete one room before moving to the next. It’s just easier to concentrate on completing one room rather than going in and out of rooms without focus. Go in one direction. It doesn’t matter if it’s clockwise or counter clockwise, just move in the same direction around the room. It saves a lot of time!

Keep a consistent schedule

Once you’ve had a DanDee time cleaning stay on top of it. I know it may feel like you’re always cleaning and the people living in your house make a mess as soon as you clean it but 20 minutes of tidy cleaning each day will make a big difference on your scheduled time.

Do whatever you have to do to keep your house clean. Lay down rules so that everyone does their part, Keep a squeegee in the shower, Wipe the chrome dry, wash and put dishes away, wipe the counters as soon as you’ve finished(crumbs in the garbage not on the floor), “no shoes on the carpet” rule and have a place for everything!

 If you can’t keep it up, call DanDee Cleaning Service today 631-219-9962.