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Removing Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors


            Soap scum and hard water spots present a problem for many homeowners. General Glass cleaners such as Windex and other ammonia based sprays do not remove it. Soap scum is a combination of soap plus mineral scales. Many products that claim to remove soap scum have a bleach foundation and lack the acidity needed to break up the minerals.

            Over the past 5 years we, at DanDee Cleaning, have restored more than our fare share of glass shower doors. It’s during our initial cleanings where we are faced with heavy soap scum build-up. Customers are always shocked by the results and want to know how we make the soap scum magically disappear. Here are some of the methods we’ve used in the past. They all seem to work about the same but one is our preferred method.

  • Lime-A-Way; was recommended by many in peer support discussions.

  • Kaboom; which claims to remove soap scum, hard water stains, calcium and lime.

  • CLR; was another hard water product recommended

  • Bar Keepers Friend; which many spoke highly of on internet searches

All of these specialty cleaners do a pretty good job of removing soap scum buy only one is our preferred method.

Bar Keepers Friend. It’s sold in a powder can like Ajax and Comet, and a liquid for multipurpose use. We choose the liquid formula because it’s easier to use. Use a generous amount on a green scrubbing pad or a moistened Magic Eraser. For doors with heavy build up use some elbow grease to break into the scales. Let it sit for about two minutes and rinse with a wet white cotton rag. Polish dry with a blue microfiber cloth. Your soap scum will have magically disappeared.

One of the biggest differences between Bar Keepers Friend and the other specialty cleaners mentioned is the fumes. You must stand in the shower, with the doors closed to clean them. Those others are spray cleaners and can quickly cause an issue with breathing. Bar Keepers Friend is made of oxalic acid so inhalation is typically not an issue. We’ve also have had great results using it to clean stainless steel stovetops, porcelain sinks and ceramic tile.

In summary, DanDee Cleaning Services recommends Bar Keepers Friend for thick soap scum and hard water spots on your shower doors. Note: to preserve the finish of your stone, for soap scum on stone tile or marble you would need a cleaner of ammonia properties.

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