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Removing mineral stains in West Islip, NY

Removing mineral stains in West Islip, NY


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    Today we are going to talk about Mineral stains in your bathroom, especially in your toilet. Those types of stains can be a real pain to try and get out. today we are going to go step by step on how we have found the best solution for removing and keeping those stains away for longer periods of time.

  First, you want to try and get all of the water out of your toilet. Using a plunger will work for getting a good majority of it out. Once you have only a small amount left in the bottom of your toilet, we recommend using a towel to soak up the rest. Once you have completely rid the water out of the bowl of your toilet, you are going to want to get your think cleaning gloves, and take cleaning vinegar and pour it into the bowl of your toilet. You will want to fill it to the water line that the water is normally at in your toilet. Next you will want to use paper towel or  toilet paper, dunk it in the vinegar, and line the inner lip of your toilet with the vinegar soaked toilet paper.Let it all sit and soak over night. The following day you can come back, come back, and use your scrubber to scrub out the bottom and lip of your toilet. It should be just as clean as you going and spending $10+ on cleaning supplies!

  We sure hope this little tip helped you clean your some of your bathrooms before your holiday parties!. For more tips, and tricks about Removing mineral stains in West Islip, NY log in with us and see about our other videos and articles to help clean your home!

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