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Residential Cleaning Services in West Islip, NY

Residential Cleaning Services in West Islip, NY

(Pt 1.) In today's article, we are going to be talking about one of my least favorite chores to do in my the refrigerator. It seems like no matter how hard I try to stay on top of cleaning out the not so fresh food, I always manage to overlook something, whether it be a spill, a smell, or some moldy cheese. We will be talking today about how to keep things fresh and cleaned out.

I always like to start by emptying out the fridge, shelf by shelf. Make sure to keep the garbage can, the recycle bin, and a strongly scented candle on hand and keep it close! Now is the time to look for expiration dates. Any leftovers that are no longer good (check them out by doing the smell test), throw them away! Make sure that you get rid of all of the garbage that is just hanging out, taking up space in your refrigerator.

Next, if you are able to, remove all of the shelves, door shelves, and crisper bins. Set them on top of your counter or your kitchen table.  Do not worry, if you are not able to remove all of the shelves, you will just have to wipe both the tops and the bottoms of each shelf while they're still in the fridge.

We have your refrigerator all cleaned out now! Come check back with us this afternoon for the rest of the story.

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(To be continued...)

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