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How to clean windows in West Islip, NY

How to clean windows in West Islip, NY

   Cleaning your windows on your home can be very important! Not only because if your windows are not clean it can make your house look like an absolute mess, but because those windows can hold large amount of germs and bacteria. just think if you have pets, or kids. They are always going over and rubbing their noses and faces of the windows, getting all of the hair, dirt, and dander everywhere. So today we want to teach you the proper way to wash a window like a professional so your home can be happy, and healthy!

   For a good, deep cleaning on your windows, it is not just enough to apply water and wipe them down.First you should apply a good window cleaning solution. After the solution is applied you are going to want a good scrubbing pad (not one that will scratch your window), and use that to scrub all of the dirt off of your windows. This can also be used, or a paint scraper is also acceptable if you have any excess paint on the border of your windows that was never cleaned off. 

First, you want to apply your water with the cleaning solution on the window. Give it a good rub to pick up any extra dirt on the surface. Once the window is covered completely, take your scrubber and scrub all of the dirt off of your window (don't forget your corners!) Next, clear off your window with wet sponge to clear away the picked up dirt, and squeegee the window until dry , and clean!

We hope this was a simple solution to those dirty windows!

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