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One Minute Cleaning in West Islip. NY

One Minute Cleaning in West Islip. NY

This is another great article on procrastination. It applies the "One Minute Rule", which states that if something unpleasant in your life takes one minute or less, JUST. DO. IT. like Nike. 

There's always something not going according to plan, so taking one minute out of your day to tidy up your home will not create added stress or pressure, but it will have you home looking ten times cleaner than it did before.

I always walk around my house, timing myself in every room, making sure that every room in my house has been touched by the One Minute Rule. My favorite places to clean with the OMR are the bathrooms, the bedrooms, and the living room/ family room.

I always start with the bathrooms. I usually spend one minute on the toilet and vanity, the shower, and then the floor. My whole bathroom takes me three minutes to clean. I bet you can't say the same!

Then I take my bedrooms by storm. I grab my swiffer duster on my way. I pick up everything that isn't in it's place and put it away. I then dust the entire room from top to bottom and then sweep the floors. The bedrooms, again...take two minutes. 

Finally, my living room and family room! They're the biggest rooms, but they don't take the longest. Make sure to bring your swiffer duster with you and your broom! It's the same as the bedrooms. Rinse. And Repeat. I start with picking up and putting away everything out of place; moving with the duster in hand, dusting every surface; and then finish with a quick sweep.

All in all, it takes me about twenty minutes to pickup and clean my whole house. For any questions about one minute cleaning in West Islip, NY or to schedule a professional thorough, deep clean give us a call at 631-219-9962.

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