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Organizing your garage in West Islip, NY

Organizing your garage in West Islip, NY

  Happy New Years Eve West Islip!

   Sometimes we all have troubles keeping our garages organized. It just seems like the perfect place to put the things we never use, and let them sit there for long periods of time. I am sure that i am not the only person who does this either. So we have found a great idea for keeping all of that clutter away from taking over your entire garage.

  Overhead racks! It is a genius idea that not many people thing to do, or spend the money on, but it can save you so much hassle in the long run, and they are not as expensive as you would think. You can store anything from your old Christmas decorations, to lawnmowers that you can only use seasonally, to your kids bicycles. These over head racks are a great idea for anyone that has limited space.

  Even in your basement where you have a little extra room. You can put these racks up to store all of your seasonal decorations, boxes, or even furniture you have no use for at the moment. These racks are an amazing investment, and you can pick them up at almost any big name store ( Walmart, Menards, home Depot, ECT). 

 Well we hope that you can start off the next with as many organization tips so we can all be prepared and ready to go!

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