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Toilet Cleaning: Doing the Dirty Work in West Islip, NY

Toilet Cleaning: Doing the Dirty Work in West Islip, NY

When it comes to the holidays, the most embarrassing thing is having all of your family and friends over and realizing that your toilet bowls are extremely dirty. It's the good, the bad, and the ugly- toilet cleaning edition! I caution you already, that toilet talk makes for horrible conversations, but here I go.

As I go about cleaning a toilet, I use my bare hands. Gross! -YES. But gets the job done so much faster. Plus I have both soap and hand sanitizer right next to me on the vanity, so WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? I am determined to rid my home of those awful stains before my family arrives.

What are you going to need, you may ask? Just yourself, a pumice stone (and gloves if want). I stay away from harsh chemicals, so I don't use any at all when scrubbing the stains out of my toilet. Pumice Stone + Elbow Grease = Clean Toilet! Also, they do make pumice stones with great handles on them, in case you don't want to stick your hand down in the toilet bowl...that's another option too! After you're all done, there will be a powdery substance in the toilet and all you have to do is flush it and away it goes! You will be left with a stain-free, shiny toilet bowl.

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